How To Use Nail Wraps

How to apply nail wraps

step 1

Step 1, Clean and dry the nails.

step 2

Step 2, Select the right size of nail wraps. 

step 3

Step 3, Press area from 1 to 4. Repeat 3 times or more. Make sure each edge of nail wraps NOT over the skin or cuticles of nails, and NO wrinkles or air bubbles.

step 4

Step 4, File the exceed part with a nail file and 90 degrees and file downwards only. (Tips: you can apply top coat polish if you want to keep it longer)

How to remove nail wraps

Soak nails in warm water for 3 mins. Gently peel off the nail wraps.


1. Make sure the nails are CLEAN & DRY enough before applying.

2. DO NOT touch water, emulsion, or oil liquid after applying within 2 hours. Then could wash normally but DO NOT soak nails in water for a long time.

3. DO NOT use on sore or infected nails.

4. Warm your own nail and nail wrap before applying if they are quite cold.

5. Store in cool, dry place.