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SENA NAIL provides handmade luxurious alternative for salon-quality Luxury Press On Nails with affordable costs. We don’t compromise on quality. Our quality inspected false nail sets are made to last, as luxury nails are durable with bling rhinestones which are hand crafted and secured with high-grade nail glue. It’s easy to reuse it by using 100% non-toxic adhesive tab of SENA NAIL.

Luxury press on nails has become popular for years already. These are indeed a big time-saver that when you apply them, it just takes thirty minutes or even less to do so. You could also easily access luxurious and trendy nail art as always. Plus, you can be in control of how long would they last. It’s up to you to wear them, be it short or long as you like. The thing is they are even reusable that you would love them even more for weeks that passed. They are even extra durable in that they do not chip. And since they are less costly, they won’t require you to go out on trips to a professional nail technician.

Feel good and look stylish more than ever with the luxury press on nails. As a nail art lover, you’d love these meaningful nail arts that promise no-hassle but only great ease. You can become flexible as you want to be and alter your look as you deem see it fit. So, here are the best luxury press on nails you might want to try out!


Who wouldn’t like these perfect ManiMe nails? These are personalized choices that best most precise fits your nails. Choose from a range of art options and colors. Thus, you will get a customized gel stick-on. There’s also no need for glue as you apply it. It’s also easier when you remove them and peel them off after several minutes soak them in warm water.

Kiss Gel

Choose from various shapes and lengths, including nail art and polish shades. Apply them either with glue or adhesive tabs making them perfect luxury stick-on nails. This is truly one-of-a-kind press on nail to try out.

Extra Long Coffin

Be impressed by the adorable pink leopard and its length. This is what you need for that fresh appeal. This would usually come with twenty-four nails, including glue.

Nostalgic 1970s Set

These luxury false nails are inspired by the groovy 1970 wherein dreams are often made of. Combine and match the swirled, yin and yang, and the checker designs in pink, green, and orange shades. This will indeed bring about a manicure that suits your linking. You would easily choose one that matches your great fit.

Accent Nail

This accent nail enables you to opt for an accent nail design. It comes in different designs of glitter, color, and rhinestones. You’ve got the power when design such an impressive and stunning set. This contains a nail file, prep pad, and manicure stick.

Star Studded Neutrals

Choose star-studded neutrals for your newest claws. This is something great to try out if you want to stay lowkey. The little star design would add something to your neutral manicure. So, get back into your nail art mission with these luxury nails press on. These are obvious options to choose from the list that you can easily and quickly try out for a perfect manicure. Only you have to decide to begin gluing!

Here are the most frequently asked questions that seek to give you a wider understanding of luxury press on nails.

What Are Luxury Press On Nails?

Luxury press-on nails is painted as designed by the hands using quality luxury nail products. They enable you to opt for the style, design, and shape in a salon or in the comforts of your home as they best transform your nails instantly as they are long-lasting and reusable.

Do I Need to Use Adhesive Tabs or Glue?

You will need to use adhesive tabs instead of glue. Because nail glue will damage your natural nails and it’s not easy to remove and reuse the nail. The adhesive tabs are usable for nail reuse and use in the short term or long term (It may last up to 7~10 days with correct application). These are ideally suitable for a night out so that you can pop them off completely upon getting home. Then, you can place them back inside the box the next time.

How will I apply Luxury Press on Nails?

When you will apply luxury press on nails, you must make sure your hands are prepped with a kit. Your hands should first be clean. Then, apply suitable adhesive tabs to your natural nails as you peel the protective film off. Apply above the nail and hold it down firmly for several seconds. Do this for every nail ensuring a stuck. Apply it correctly to make the nails last long and avoid hair clip, please do follow how to use press on nails with adhesive tabs.

Can Luxury Press on Nails Bring Damage To Your Nails? 

False nails are not known for damaging the nails. It’s how you best remove them that matters and that brings damage. Nail adhesive tabs can easily be removed without damaging the nails. Moreover, the nail glue is harder and stronger when removed. You must not go in a rush when removing them and just stay gentle when it comes to your natural nail bed. So nail adhesive tabs will be the best option if you have worries that your nails get damaged.

How Can I Remove Luxury Press on Nails?

Use warm water when you want to remove luxury press on nails. Just roll them straight off on your press- on nails. Soak your press-on nails with acetone. In the re-use of nails, this is not likewise recommended. This is because acetone could further damage the press-on nails. Just allow them so they could pop off the natural way possible.  You can find more correct ways from How To Remove Press On Nails With Adhesive Tabs.

So, now you’ve learned more about luxury press on nails and the answers to these FAQ!

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