How To Use Press On Nails

How to apply press on nails with adhesive tabs

1. Polish natural nails gently by using nail file, push nail cuticle by using manicure stick, then clean and dry nails. 

2. Select the right size of false nails.

3. Select the right size of sticky tab. Peel it off from the sheet by holding the tip of the plastic. 

4. Press down sticky tab to the natural nail and hold to warm it up a bit, press it firmly and make it cover the full nail bed(Tips: If your nail bed is big, you also can use 2 tabs or 1 tab + a portion of another one to cover the whole nail surface, pls cut it before peeling off if you need a portion tab)

5. Peel off the protective plastic from the sticky tab carefully. (Make sure NO protective plastic remains)

6. Put false nail 45 degree, start from 1.5mm to nail cuticle, put it down at the same time push it a little bit to nail cuticle sidethen press down false nails firmly starting in the middle, then firmly on each side left to right and hold for 30 seconds. (The longer the better)

7. Trim the tip of false nails if necessary.

If you do follow the above steps correctly, there should be no hair clipping or falling off easily!

How to remove press on nails with adhesive tabs

Option 1: Gently peel off from the side of false nails by using a wooden cuticle stick. But DO NOT use force.

Option 2: Dab polish remover or acetone between the natural nail and artificial nail and wait for 1 minute, peel off from the side. 

Option 3: Soak nails in warm water for 2 mins. Twist the false nail off.

– Any residual glue on the nails and false nails can roll off with a finger or with just a little bit of rubbing with a thumb. So you can reuse false nails easily.


1. Make sure the nails are CLEAN & DRY enough before applying.

2. DO NOT touch water after applying false nails within 2 hours. Then could wash normally but DO NOT soak nails in water for a long time.

3. DO NOT use on sore or infected nails.

4. Warm your own nail and sticky tab before applying if they are quite cold.

5. Store in cool, dry place.