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When the lights turn off, the party begins! The Blue Long Coffin Glow In The Dark Press On Nails are the perfect accessory for going out day and night.



Package contents: 24 nails, nail file, manicure stick, non-toxic adhesive tab

Mini portable package, salon-quality easy nail art only costs a few minutes!

Nail ingredients: ABS Plastic

Adhesive tab ingredients: Butyl acrylate, 2-Ethylhexyl acrylate, Acrylic acid, Ethyl acetate

If you want to order more adhesive tabs for backup or reuse, please click -> press on nail adhesive tabs.

Super easy apply:

1. Clean nails

2. Select the size of fake nails & sticky tab

3. Paste and file the tip (if needed)

Please DO read the detailed manual before applying (long-lasting & not clip hair) -> how to use press on nails

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  1. Hazel Shafer

    I found this brand occasionally, and it suprised me so much. The quailty is no worse than I bought from impress. I wore them for an entire week, washing my hands, working with my hands a lot, etc, and never lost a single nail.

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