Orange Tips Long Coffin Ombre Chrome Fake Nails

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Look like a pro at any party with these Orange Tips Long Coffin Ombre Chrome Fake Nails. The style will let your inner fashionista out!



Package contents: 24 nails, nail file, manicure stick, non-toxic adhesive tab

Mini portable package, salon-quality easy nail art only costs a few minutes!

Nail ingredients: ABS Plastic

Adhesive tab ingredients: Butyl acrylate, 2-Ethylhexyl acrylate, Acrylic acid, Ethyl acetate

If you want to order more adhesive tabs for backup or reuse, please click -> press on nail adhesive tabs.

Super easy apply:

1. Clean nails

2. Select the size of fake nails & sticky tab

3. Paste and file the tip (if needed)

Please DO read the detailed manual before applying (long-lasting & not clip hair) -> how to use press on nails

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1 review for Orange Tips Long Coffin Ombre Chrome Fake Nails

  1. Maricel Pineda

    Find this style for a long time, I really like this shiny nail suit and planning to wear it on my summer beach vacation. So beautiful!

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