Why Do My Acrylic Nails Hurt?

Why do my acrylic nails hurt? But before anything else, let us first understand that acrylic nails make a fantastic and popular option as applied. But then, it does not mean that they will complement well with your expectation and plan.

People would often be required to deal with pain even after acrylic application. While it can give a subtle feeling, it can also be more constant and more severe. This is still not something you should expect or put up with.

If your nails begin hurting, it is essential to understand the reason behind it. This way, you will take the needed changes and steps, thus reducing pain at once. While pain is occurring, look for ways in preventing it from the next manicure.

Below is the complete overview of acrylic nails that hurt.

Reasons Why Do My Acrylic Nails Hurt

The pain associated with acrylic nails is due to potential trauma in the area, including the symptoms that result from it. With changes that are occurring in the body, the poor technique will only result in further damaging the underlying finger elements and the skin. So, be more intelligent in going to the best technicians and nail salons. They must have established years of experience in providing acrylic nail services.

Remember that pain may be unique from one person to another. In some reports, it deals with pain and twinges here and then there. Some would also report an even chronic version while the nails continue. This could, later on, become frustrating as ever. It is essential to analyze the way the nails would feel while you get them. This will need to continue and will need to ensure that similar mistakes will not happen in the future.

Fungal Infection

Acrylic nails go under a setup in a way they begin to expose natural nails below. If this suddenly occurs, there will be a small space that appears between an actual fingernail and an acrylic nail. This would mean there is space for the fungal infections taking rise. This will then begin to spread. One reason why this happens is because of the way a nail tech is clean in doing it. This will relate much to the way one prepares for the nails and the way everything is set up in place. If these nails are not placed up in the right manner possible, the fungal infection may likely develop going to the roof.

With the space between the genuine nail and acrylic nail, there is not enough room for the bacteria to find its way inside it. This will become harder to clean the exact nail. The dirt will begin to continue over time. With more grime and dirt that accumulates, it now results in more worries as the infection also gets worse. This is true as the pain begins to appear.

Other symptoms that can come with fungal infection are discoloration, redness, and discharge around a nail. So, pay attention to the nail technicians’ reviews received. This is also the way they continue with their work and their sanitation standards. This will also include a visit to the location and ensuring the needed steps are undertaken.

In this sense, tools must undergo regular cleaning with the needed products. They must never be re-used with various clients. This ensures you will not end up and deal with a fungal infection as unwanted. Fungus treatment must likewise be applied if you believe a fungal infection occurs in your nail.

Cracked Nails

Why do my acrylic nails hurt? This is another cause of acrylic nails hurting. Since you always use your hands, there will come a time that the underlying fingernails would crack. This is the same with a situation wherein you will not have acrylic nails. Then, they might end up as they crack the topmost surface of the fingernail. This indeed is an uncomfortable feeling that results in pain.

The pain will differ based on the depth and the crack type. Thus, it is wiser to keep your fingers safe as always. You should never expose them to dangerous activities. If the underlying nail gets cracked or chipped, it must then heal for over a long time. The pain will surely be frustrating with the nerves underneath. Natural fingernails must be protected even if the acrylic nail is there already. This is indeed a myth that it is essential keeping it as secure and safe as possible.

If your nails begin to hurt, it could be attributed to the thing above. It may also have to do with the fingernails and it’s not about them being in good shape. At times, the nails might chip in the exact procedure of acrylic nail preparation. If you go with the poor specialist, they may only bring more damage to its top. This now results in more unrelenting pain. In this situation, you must make a way in keeping your nails safeguarded. Avoid its exposure to more extra trauma. Leave it as it heals since it is cracked already.

Apply some natural remedy if you want to hasten the healing. This is true if you will soothe your nails on a simultaneous basis. There’s an enriched treatment that will best revitalize your nails considering the ingredients that promote nail health.

Nail Snag

Why do my acrylic nails hurt? It is because of their snagging. This would mean that immediately as the acrylic powder begins to stick with the real nail; it will then not begin properly. This is when a snag is there between these two nails. It is also attributed to the idea of one may be pulling at a nail. This can then become quite painful.


This is another cause of acrylic nails hurting. While this may seem very rare, the allergic reaction would be due to your body if it can handle acrylic nails or glues or materials that accompany it. So, you must always keep this in mind, especially if you come into this issue. You must think twice using them as you go forward.

Excessive Filing

As your acrylic nails are being set up, the nail tech will also be working on the genuine nail. This way, the acrylic nail will sit nicely and in a perfect place. The nail technician will begin to file the exact nail making sure it looks exactly as its part. The excessive filing then takes place here and this becomes an issue.

Another reason why acrylic nails hurt is over-filing right after you have gotten acrylic nails. It might even result in redness that depends upon the way the filing was done excessively. The thing is this is easier when prevented because you could watch it out for yourself. You just have to be extra careful of the nail technician chosen. Know what their filing habits are. The technician must also fully understand the right filing technique. Other cheaper technicians including salons will surely be guilty because of this.

Cuticles Not Prepped Correctly

If the technician does not prepare the cuticles properly before the acrylic application, it might then result in lifting and separation from the nails. This will likewise result in infection and pain. If you experience discomfort right after your nails are done, you better check if the cuticles are properly prepped.

Natural Nails Too Weak and Too Thin

This is another cause of acrylic nails why do my acrylic nails hurt. Natural nails that are too weak or too thin might not give support to your acrylic weight. This might then result in the acrylics to bend that which places pressure on the nail beds. This likewise results in pain.

Acrylic Nails Too Thick

Thicker acrylic nails can be used by technicians upon applying nails. This is also true considering after several days. This thick layer will begin to compress your natural nails right below. This now brings in pain that if acrylic nails would be so too thick, it might result in them bending and putting pressure on nail beds.

This will result in pain and even challenges in carrying out everyday tasks such as opening cans or typing. For too-thick acrylic nails, consult a technician regarding it. They might thin out acrylics so that they become more convenient when worn.

Acrylic Nails Too Long

With acrylic nails that are too long, it might result in more issues. They may also be exposed to more breakage. Moreover, they may put on pressure on the nail beds thus causing pain. They may make it harder to perform everyday tasks such as opening cans or typing. In avoiding these issues, consult a technician regarding the acrylic nails’ length. This is also another reason why do my acrylic nails hurt.

Pointy Tip in Acrylic Nails

This won’t seem a huge deal but this is also painful. Its pointy tip may dig into the skin, leading to irritation and pain. Avoid this issue by consulting a technician regarding the acrylic nail shape.

Excessive Force Applied

This is another reason why people would ask why do my acrylic nails hurt.  It’s because nails can be easier when damaged by an uncareful technician. If one is becoming too rough with nails, you must then speak up. It is also essential for them to just get easier. This way, you will not end up with pain afterward.


Why do my acrylic nails hurt? It’s mainly because of the reasons mentioned above. You can find solutions for sore nails after acrylics.

There are also alternative ways to get press on nails instead of acrylic as press on nails is more safe and easy to use. They are reusable too. 

For serious problems, you better consult a technician regarding it. The thing is they can be fixed and adjusted. But with more severe pain and infection, you better go and visit a doctor the immediate way possible.


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