How to Shape Coffin Nails

Nails can tell much about you. While you could not go wrong regarding its pattern or good color, still the shape can tell more about your personality. In the 1990s, the popular shape was called coffin nails or ballerina’s nails. This shape only requires low maintenance, which can flatter your fingers of whatever length it has. And then, this looks to grow more in popularity since it promises ease of recreation at home. The only question you need to face is how to shape coffin nails.

How to Shape Coffin Nails

There are indeed lots of photos, blogs, and videos regarding coffin nail shapes. But, this best explains the coffin nail as it is. You’d also learn why many fall in love with this shape. So, read on further!

How to Shape Coffin Nails - Method 1

Learn how to shape coffin nails with this first method.

1. Prepare Everything First

Prepare all the materials needed. Then, push your nail cuticle back. If you use an artificial tip, you better apply it immediately. Ensure you provide it ample time to dry and stick to a natural nail.

2. Cut your Nail According to the Desired Length

Think how you would want the little coffins to become. If you want your nail to get longer, the more slender and sleeker its appearance could be in your fingers. But then, it might get more difficult maintaining its good shape. If you have a particular length in mind, cut it right through the nail scissor.

3. Cut the Edges

Think about the line and down the nail center. Cut a little amount moving away from the center line side, beginning at the sidewall of the nail edge. Taper it up to the tip’s square edge. Slowly cut it, starting from the tip and facing toward the finger, as this helps you save more effort and time that you will likewise spend in filling.

4. File the Nail

Make sure to use a nail file when you taper the coffin shape. Then, file one side and search for the nail from different angles. Be sure they are straight and with even edges. Then, lay the nail file properly and straight from the cuticle side towards a flattened edge of a nail tip. This will make sure that everything gets even.

Once done cleaning the nails from debris, you’re now ready to complete your look using a nail decoration or polish. Note that coffin nails can be more exposed to breakage that varies in length.

How to Shape Coffin Nails - Method 2

Learn how to shape coffin nails with this second method.

1. Create Rough Shape Like a Coffin

Before you begin filing, create a rough shape coffin similar to an almond shape. Clip the top and sides using scissors. This can save you much from hours of filing. The good thing is that it is okay if it is not perfect. You could go on using file sorting it out.

2. File the Sides and the Top

File the sides and the top gently aiming for stiletto shape. But then, ensure it has a flat top, thereby, achieving perfect coffin nails. In this case, be patient and ensure you spend time regarding this step. That way, you won’t be filing too much and won’t have a nail that needs to work.

3. File Down the Side on Every Nail

File the side down and in a gentle manner on every nail and wait until you get even each side and you touch the top, so it’s in the middle.

4. File the Tips and Their Edge

File the tips and edges if you’re already okay with the shape. This is also while you maintain its condition to achieve a coffin-like and sharp tip that everyone loves.

5. Apply the Acrylic with Favorite Brush

Apply the acrylic with favorite brush, acrylic powder, and liquid monomer. See to it that you achieve even coverage.

6. Repeat the Steps

Repeat the steps mentioned until you’ve covered the entire nail, as this is also while you fill the top until achieving the desired shape of coffin nails.

7. Add Your Nail Design

Add a nail design that you believe is your best bet. Whether you like intricate nail art or a classic nude, you could always complete it off with a coffin shape. And whatever design you want to try out, like a regular nail polish or gel polish, acrylic or natural nails, the choices are always endless.

Coffin Nails More Likely to Break

This will rely much on the method you follow for coffin nails. If youl do this nail on a natural nail rather than acrylic, it can then be exposed to breakage, as this is due to the thickness and length of the tip, which can be quickly snapped off and caught. It can then become frustrating more than ever. But then, be extra careful to lengthen the life of these coffin nails.

Achieve the shape of coffin nails on your natural nails rather than long ones. They are great because they look better and last even longer. Moreover, coffin nails are durable even if you do dip, fake nails, or acrylic. They could also last up to twenty-one days and they do not break for as long as you handle them properly.


Now you have learned how to shape coffin nails, whether you are a girl with that natural tip. That is also if you are searching, pulling out the stops in the next dip nail or acrylic manicure. Always remember that coffin nails are suited for each occasion. These are timeless and classic, much appreciated and loved by many celebrities. Even many experts and lovers across the world loved these shaped coffin nails. 

These steps are an essential to follow when you want to learn how to shape coffin nails. Thus, you can achieve a complete look upon checking the guide mentioned. Add that additional class and touch to your look with these shape coffin nails! Try to have these coffin nails that are worth of your time and effort!

Moreover, you can get awesome coffin nails with a variety of options without any hard work.

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