How to Clean Under Acrylic Nails?

You may have spent money to get your nails perfected. But then, it can be saddening to get a nail infection. Some bacteria and dirt might trap right below your acrylic nail, as this is true with how you use your hands every day.

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Remember that infection can look horrible and hurt; ruining a manicure’s polished and clean feeling. But if you have acrylic nails from the nearest salon and they look so new and luscious, you’d try to clean them properly. In this article, you will learn more how to clean under acrylic nails.

What First Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are popularly booming in the industry. These are a perfect option when you want to have beautiful and impressive nails that appear in longer lengths, lasting for several weeks. But they are just more exposed to nail infections. You only have to use a gel coat which you can fix in your natural nails. Place them right on top. But the ones applied in a salon are hard when removed. Thus, cleaning the dirt under acrylic nails can become a problem since you cannot remove the nail and sweep it underneath, returning it.

Ways You Can Clean Under Acrylic Nails

Below are ways you can consider how to clean under acrylic nails.

1. Nail Brush

This nail brush is used when removing massive debris in large pieces coming under acrylic nails. Insert a brush underneath your nail. Move your brush in a backward and forward position for several seconds. Dampen the brush, so it helps more in cleaning. It can then accumulate dirt underneath your nail better. But a clean brush with soap, too, prevents it from getting bacteria through the bristles.

2. Water and Soap

This combination is already for cleaning under acrylic nails. It’s better to find one with essential oils and aloe vera to keep your hands happy. It is also biodegradable and cruelty-free. Anti-bacterial hand soap is used for killing bacteria, thus, keeping your hands moisturized. Squirt the soap as it goes underneath your nails. Clean your nails and hands just like you and rinse them properly.

Avoid much water, which only causes acrylic nails to slowly loosen, as this only causes more moisture and water to get in and under your acrylic nails.

How to clean under acrylic nails

3. Alcohol Wipes

Rub alcohol wipes on the cotton balls. It’s easier when you have wipes using 75 percent of a plant-based alcohol, as this will enable you clean under acrylic nails a lot better. Either use cotton ball or wipe, just so wipe around your nails, on top, underneath, and on the sides.

4. Metal Nail File

Clean under acrylic nails using a metal nail file that removes debris. Use a small brush or toothbrush to reach through the apertures.

5. Nail Whitener/Baking Soda and Toothbrush

You can best clean under acrylic nails using a nail whitener, as this is easy to purchase from a beauty supply or drug stores. One reason your nails can get yellow under acrylics is the acrylic pigments. Baking soda and toothbrushes can also help create a paste. You can best brush it onto the nails. Allow it to stay there for a minute before you rinse it off. If you want, lemon juice might be ideal to use. Apply a small amount of lemon juice to the cotton ball. Then, dab it best onto your nails. Allow it to stay there for a minute before you rinse it off completely

6. Denture Cleaner

Keep the natural clean of your acrylic nails by soaking them in a denture cleaner. It’s also far recommended to use bubble white. If you are doing it by yourself, you could use a fine and cone-shaped e-file that enables you to do it.

7. Toothpick

Mind you, but a toothpick is also useful when cleaning out crevices between your skin and your nails, as this can best remove the debris and dirt underneath your acrylic nails. The final part would be to use a cotton swab to dip in a nail polish remover, thus, cleaning underneath your nails.

8. Cuticle Pusher

You may also consider it using an orange stick or pusher when removing dirt from under your acrylic nails, as this is the best way to achieve a spot treatment, considering the dirt that collects under your nails. But know that this pusher is pretty sharp, so you must be gentle in this manner when you use it. Push it gently along your nail, as you remove the dirt. Never go under your acrylic nails, or it can cause a pang of pain to your natural nails. Another tip to remember is to wipe off the grime and dirt with a paper towel, which is right after every fingernail, avoiding transferring to another nail.

9. Nail Salon Visit

If all these ways fail, you could ask the nail technicians to clean under your acrylic nails, as this is necessary for a lot of situations, like if you did excessive washing. And then, you will require professional help to reattach the loose nails. Just ensure they use sterilized equipment when you remove dirt and apply manicure and brand new nail file.

Never worry because most nail salons automatically do that. Nonetheless, it’s okay if you double-check while you are there. It’s not likely you would want an infection that is never your fault.

But if you have some infection, there are options to consider. Use apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil when treating disorders on your natural nail. Soak or apply it to your natural nails and wait for the infection to disappear. But nothing works with fungal treatments; a prescription cream is likewise needed in this case, treating fungal infection.


Acrylic nails are indeed fabulous; only you have to keep them clean. My best advice is to learn the ways mentioned how to clean under acrylic nails. Wear gloves as much as possible, especially when performing household chores. Go to a nail salon visit if all else other fails. But you could try using a toothpick, cuticle pusher, denture cleaner, alcohol wipes, nail brush, water and soap, as discussed!

You also can consider using press-on nails instead of acrylic, they can easily be removed and can be reused anytime you want.


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