Do Acrylics Ruin Your Nails?

Do acrylics ruin your nails? How does it feel to have acrylic nails? Pointy, long, and polished nails are indeed glamorous that anyone could have. But with some who get it, they remove it after two weeks have passed. Understandably, no one could likely pick them off one by one. Some would blame acrylics, but in reality, the removal process that causes the damage. The good thing is that there are ways in maintaining good and natural nail health.

Do Acrylics Ruin Your Nails

The Real Answer to the Question - Do Acrylics Ruin Your Nails?

The real answer for question oo acrylics ruin your nails is no, acrylics don’t ruin your nails. The damage is due to improper application and preparation, and removal. It’s the person who’s responsible for removing or doing them.

Causes of Nail Damage in Acrylics

Below are the causes of nail damage in acrylics.

The Preparation Process

Look closely at natural nails and observe the over-filing. Upon having acrylics, it’s the nail technician that will be wetting a brush using a liquid called a monomer. It will dip into the powder known as the polymer. It then applies to your nails. If the monomer has an ingredient known as the MMA or methyl methacrylate, it’s more likely that over-filling can occur.

MMA is never intended for use or safe when on a natural nail plate. That is why it depends upon a rough surface for it to adhere. The ethyl methacrylate, EMAs, or safe monomers only demand light and minimal buffing, thus, removing shine before the application. It’s also over-filing that can bring in rings of fire or the irritating ring in the foundation of a nail, as this can occur because a nail technician is heavy-handed with using a file, or to position the file at an unacceptable angle.

One more warning to watch out for is a nail technician that does not get the monomer on your skin, throughout the nails. If this occurs more often, it might bring in itching, redness, and allergic reaction.

The Incorrect Removal

If the removal of your nails uses a credit card, or dental floss, expect bad results afterward. It’s when nails would experience significant damage taking weeks and months for them to grow out, as this can cause subsequent enhancements in your nail not adhering correctly. That’s when it continues with a vicious cycle.

The Occurrence of Nail Infection

Do not ignore the significance of hygiene in having acrylic nails done in a salon. Nail infection is more likely to occur if an unprofessional one does the acrylic nail application. The condition is identified by swelling, redness, pus, and discoloration. Thus, hire a medical expert to treat it and apply the nail. The staff of a salon must keep the tools clean as much as possible. It helps avoid certain infections from occurring. One should ordinarily wash each of the equipments after serving one client from another. It must likewise be washed, dried, and disinfected adequately before the subsequent appointment of another client.

Moreover, it’s not just in a salon where the infection is likely to occur. When it grows out, a gap will come out of a nail bed. This can then trap moisture, posing conditions for infections and dryness to set in. Once a nail breaks, it might leave severe gap wherein bacteria and dirt are likely to breed.

So, the staff must give the best advice for aftercare not to be disturbed anymore if do acrylics ruin your nails. Before leaving the salon, clients must be encouraged about booking a coming appointment. This way, you will properly maintain your nail before any damage or infection.

The Nails Demand a Break

Even nails that are adequately cared for can start to bring damage, especially with acrylic nails. While they demand you roughen up the nail surface in applying them, the surface of your nails may wear away later. That is why it suggests taking a break after three months of consistent wear, as this will give them a chance to become stronger, thus, reducing the chances of long-term damage and more severe consequences.

This is likewise essential if white patches are starting to occur. Or, that’s true if there’s peeling or yellowing on your natural nail. Solve the issue now, when you will have a healthy and robust base allowing you to enjoy much acrylics as this will be true in the coming months.

What you must do regarding it is to remove acrylics safely. File its edge down to a healthy and neat length. Apply some nail strengthener to buy on the market. If you want, grab some Biotin supplements that could strengthen your nails. Consult your doctor before you make unnecessary changes in your diet.

Finish it off with some cuticle oil. Or, grab some bottles at a retail store that you could take home with you. Stuff cuticle oils also got their fun-scented alternatives that you will love.

Few More Ways to Avoid Nail Damages

There are specific ways that you can avoid nail damage, and so you won’t worry anymore if do acrylics ruin your nails and they are as follow:

Avoid Trimming Cuticles

Ask a technician to avoid it trimming cuticles avoiding cuticles from being cut. If cuticles are cut out then, bacteria will likely get into your body quickly. With cuticles, you can get your nails and skin protected from further infection it causes.

Rely on a Nail Salon Using LED Light

If you like acrylic nails and want to try them out, reach out to a nail salon using LED rather than UV curing light. The LED light can emit lower radiation light of UV instead of UV light, and LED that cures quickly.

Sterilized Equipment and Licensed Technician

Avoid it thinking if do acrylics ruin your nails by reaching out to a nail salon, with the current license honored by the state. The technicians employed must have their state licenses. Plus, it’s good if the equipment has undergone sterilization. When you’re unsure of the equipment sterilization, request a new one, or you must bring your own.

Maintenance Acrylic Nails

Maintain your acrylic nail after someone does it. You must return to the salon after 2 to 3 weeks. Limit the time you’re wearing acrylic nails, particularly on those special occasions.

You now have learned if do acrylics ruin your nails. The most straightforward answer would be a “no”!


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