How To Keep Press On Nails From Popping Off?

Pressing on nails would always be a convenient and affordable way of achieving the best manicure possible. There’s nothing to worry about bringing damage to a natural nail bed same like acrylics, but how to keep press on nails from popping off? The only downside here is they will not last forever. 

These beauty additions are similar to wigs and false eyelashes. They are intended to serve their temporary purposes and they never will become permanent. But the right care and preparation for the press-on nails could make a big impact regarding the length of time they will be staying in place.

By following the right approach, you will learn how to keep press on nails from popping off. So, follow the tips below.

Preparing the nail. Make use of a press-on nail preparation kit to cut or file your natural nails short. This is to be done before adding some press on. Then, push the cuticles back exposing your nail base. Buff your nail bed using a buffer. Clean your bed with using alcohol solution removing dust or any oil.

Placing the nail. Apply glue on your nail bed and follow it with some press-on. Push it slightly making sure to cover the entire nail bed.

Avoiding water. Wait for two to three hours so the glue will completely dry before getting your hands wet. Remember that water will break down a glue causing press-on from fall sooner than expected.

How To Keep Press On Nails From Popping Off

Steps for How to Keep Press on Nails from Popping Off

Below are clearer tips to follow in how to keep your press on nails from popping off.

Step #1. Filing Them

This is on top of the lists to consider. Your nails will stay on that fitting on your nail with no touching of the cuticle is essential. Now if your false nail touches anything but not your nail plate, you’ll have issues regarding lifting. After doing some lifting, you’ll know it is only a waiting game. In case you did not yet file your nails similar as before, or if you’re uncertain of doing it properly, you better check out more blog posts. That would seem helpful in this case.

Step #2. Dehydrating

It will help if you will remove natural nails on your nails before you apply to those false ones. This works the same with buffing the natural nail surface. This is except that it will not be leaving you paper thin nails after several uses. Prep wipes must likewise be provided with all the nail sets considering this purpose. So, wipe out your nails after you wash your hands so you could be on the go. If there’s no prep wipe, use some pure acetone or pure isopropyl alcohol as it does its work. Never use some nail polish remover in this case. This is true although it is based on acetone as a moisturizing agent.

Step #3. Pushing back

This is tied with the number one that pushing it back, plus removing the extra cuticle is a good idea. You will surprisingly see your nail cuticle growing. This is true even if you could not see it in the beginning. So, gently run the woody stick point around your nail. This is right underneath the cuticle part. You’ll then see the quantity of old and dead cuticle that begins to lift away.

Use the stick and cuticle remover that takes about five to ten minutes. Doing this once in fortnight is enough in keeping your nails well-maintained. Apply a remover onto the cuticles and allow it to stay for a specific time using a maker. Use the stick’s flat side pushing your cuticles back to your body. 

Be sure this is something painless and gentle that even if it is hurting, you will be pushing it too hard. Little blobs of gel will appear in doing this. Wipe the stick off with tissue now. After you’re done pushing the cuticles back, washing your hands completely is the next decision. This will help eliminate product trace and cut out on those hangnails using cuticle nippers.

Step #4. Avoiding Water

It is not always that you will be wearing press-on nails. That’s when you must accept the fact that nails can get in contact with the water. If you leave it long after the application of your nails, your adhesive will become completely bonded. Hand sanitizer and rubber gloves will stay as strong allies in this case.

Other Valuable Pointers to Consider If Press on Nails Keep on Popping Off

Below are other valuable pointers to consider if press-on nails still keeps on popping off.

  • Nail’s bottom was clean, drilled, and freed from glue residue
  • No more shine in the nail plate
  • The sizes of the nails are correct
  • Press-on nails were placed on firmly with no more air bubbles in a glue
  • No more washing the dishes or taking a bath after applying them
  • No more usage of SHEIN, KISS, Flimsy nail, or Glamnetic

Other women would experience an occasional popping off their press-on nails for several days. It can be so annoying but the re-application of the nail below five minutes is a mist. Just keep an alcohol pad, a nail file, and glue for re-applying a stray nail. It will then stay for about two to three weeks. That’s when you can just be ready in getting a fresh set.

If you have applied press on nails bought from a store and you wanted a more improved experience with them, there’s a better alternative to consider here. There are many lengths and sizes of press-on nails to have that can be so intricate, trendy, and luxurious, and is hand drawn. So, better to grab some press-on nails from a business so you will have a perfect set of gorgeous and handcrafted nails!

So, you better keep these steps and tips when you don’t like your press-on nails from popping off so they won’t be disturbing you, too!

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