Easy Nail Art Designs At Home For Beginners Without Tools

You may have spent hours as you browse through different nail art designs, now follow this easy nail art designs at home for beginners without tools. For sure, you imagine already trying some for yourself. The question is if you have the creativity and passion in pursuing these designs. The thing is that you can still be guided about creating the flawless nails possible. In this article, you will be more fully inspired by easy nail art for beginners. What this promise is an adventure for the most beautiful nail art designs to try at home. This will be a stepping stone to doing nail art while at home.

Just remember that it was never overnight that you become an expert in it. Being a novice, you have no expertise yet to create the best and most luxe nail design possible. Plus, you do not know about using the most sophisticated tools for nail art. So, read on further learning how to do easy nail art designs by yourself.

Easy Nail Art Designs At Home For Beginners Without Tools

Idea #1 Floral Nails

Try out these easiest nail art designs, especially the flowers. Embrace the springtime with this beautiful and lovable design. Be impressed at their intricate look after creating it. Just prepare the materials needed like white nail polish as its foundation, 2 tones of floral color. It’s also usually contrasting following the foundation. Try out different combinations such as orange & yellow, pink & red, and purple & pink. Also include nail polish and thin size nail art brush.

  • Create the foundation as you apply 2 coats of white polish. Try shades of peach and turquoise to achieve colorful backgrounds
  • Dip the nail art brush in the first shade for the flower to occur. It must not be perfect but a squiggly and round shape will do
  • Use the next color accentuating the flower. Then, add some glamour as a touch
  • Add some detailing such as black or yellow flower centers and green leaves
  • Seal its design as you apply the top with a clear coat

Idea #2 Ombre or Gradient Nail Art

Be unique as you try this simple and easy nail art at home. Prepare some red, white, and blue nail polishes and tape. Acting as the base is the red polish for a chevron nail art. Position the tape for creating a chevron stencil. Use blue polish when painting over it. Allow a few minutes to surpass before removing the tape. Then, position the tape next to the cuticle. Paint white onto the area. Wait for a few minutes before you pull off its tape. Next, use a top coat when sealing it off properly.

Idea #3 Chevron Nail Art

Make this top of your favorite for being classy and chic. Wear it when you attend work and go on several dates. This will make you achieve an effortless and fashionable look. There’s no need to have longer nails when trying this one out. This makes an excellent option when you try out a nail art design. Grab some nail polish in two shades, like gold and black. Try to combine glossy and matte versions following a similar shade. Next, grab some scotch tape and a clear polish.

  • Begin as you apply dual coats of black polish as the foundation of your nails
  • Enable complete drying of your nail polish
  • Cut out masking tape or scotch tape in strips. Stick them on a diagonal through your nails. Secure it by rubbing them down, thus, eliminating air pockets.
  • Then, apply gold nail polish in a layer throughout the nail’s uncovered section.
  • Pull off its tape through the nail polish stroke’s direction. This will enable getting a neat line.
  • Paint the clear polish’s finishing layer, sealing and protecting your nails.

Idea #4 Dual Tone Nail Art

Cats are cute, tiny creations known for admiration, and endless sleep. They have a company when they want it for themselves. This means to say cats are purely spirit animals. So for this nail art, you’d show much of your love for the cat through your nails. This is a minimalistic nail art design that you can try at home. You can follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Apply the foundation coat with clear nail polish. Allow it to achieve complete drying
  • Dab the paintbrush in black polish. Then, paint 2 triangles on one side of the nail
  • Get two triangles connected following a half-moon. Afterward, paint it inside creating a face of the cat
  • Clean the paintbrush as you dab it into white or yellow nail polish. Paint 2 dots to create the eyes of cat
  • Use the paintbrush tip when drawing a thin and fine line through each of the eyes’ center
  • Help it achieve a perfect finishing as you apply on clear nail polish on top, thus, sealing in a design

Easy Nail Art Designs At Home For Beginners Without Tools - SENA NAIL

But more than these nail art designs are the press-on nails or nail wraps that can pique your curiosity. Develop an obsession with these nails that are a quick fix. These are ideally a set of nails that you can try out and even everybody else. These are lovely and gimmicky for sure with their design options to choose from! Add these up to your easy nail art designs’ choices to consider!

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