Simple Nail Designs for Short Nails

Cute simple nail designs for short nails in their pretty colors are a good idea. They are creative designs that can catch the eyes of the people around them. Plus, they enable your digits to appear super neat. The thing is that nail art can be exciting and fun as well. While this nail art may seem tricky, it does not mean that it is no anymore possible. It would differ from French manicures to marble nails with a little twist. The impressive thing is that easy nail designs for short nails can be so endless. But, never allow your short nails to stop you when you want to have fun with them.

Below are the lists of cute and simple nail designs for short nails you might want to try out with for your short nails.

Simple Nail Designs for Short Nails

13 Trendy Styles Simple Nail Designs For Short Nails

Nude Nuance

Try out this perfect nail design when you aim to stay with neutral colors. Add some fun design with this one as well. Keep the base beige but glad this can break the monotony with lots of dots next to a nail bed. This is an excellent manicure for a working woman like you. This is true if you want things to remain professional while staying fun.

Japanese Art

Try this one out that is great if you want to get creative. This won’t let you get overboard just use fine lines, dots, and circles. You’ll then be reminded of Japanese paintings.

Shimmer Stripes

This nail design is simple and sleek for your short nails. Begin with a bare or neutral base and paint a simple color standing as the abstract tip. Complete it after with a single and shimmering stripe down the nail. This can be easily maintained through it’s chic enough when attending on a formal occasion.

White & Rose Gold

This nail design is fun when tried on your short nails! For one, rose gold is popular and is typical for being a flattering shade. This can be paired with a white polish. Its contrast is very phenomenal that you can try it out with a few lines, dots, and stamps. What’s good as well for this is a usual top coat. This is since you don’t like it shining overpowering the white and the glitter.

Matte Neutrals

Achieve such an oddly and audacious manicure with nude, gray, and white matte nails. Be bolder than ever with these colors that do not shout to get attention from others. Add up some sparkles that when placed together will create a perfect and stunning sparkling V. Thus, an additional accent will be emphasized in the white matte nails.

Candy Apple Red

Wear this candy apple red on your short nails. When you incorporate it in a design utilizing only less bright hues, you’ll be amazed by this shade that stands out from the rest. It brings about an irresistible and edgy design. Its red triangle is over a nude and accent nail, beginning in the cuticle. It’s indeed after grabbing the attention of others. In the tip is the accentuation while above is a half-moon with some bold white lines.

Floral Fantasy

Who wouldn’t like this floral fantasy that comes with elegant flowers? Pair them up with some neutral hues that can best move forward. This nail art will give your nails such a sophisticated and youthful feel. Play around using textures and matte enamel in a single nail.

Sweet Strawberries

Lift your mood with this nail art in strawberries and bright pink polish. This is scattered across the nails eluding sun-filled and brighter days, such as the summer and the spring. Let everyone wink upon seeing this nail art of yours with the same vibrant pink it creates.

Floral Ombre

This is a lavender manicure that emphasizes floral accents. This is easy when recreated at home. Grab these purple polishes for their foundation. Use some small paintbrush when drawing on those little white flowers anywhere you like. The ombre effect is achieved which you could be learned. Thus, your nails will appear naturally longer. Make flowers smaller as compared to half the size of the nail. This will naturally bring in a dainty and fun effect. It won’t look very much overwhelming on your short nails. Floral designs can also be made for them to become a focal point.

Soft Smiles

This is an adorable manicure that you can achieve in three colors- black, yellow, and nude. With the dotting tool, you could easily do this with no fuss. A toothpick and bobby pin would give you the power to achieve this nail art. This is the best tool to make perfect circles. You might as well use an eyeliner brush that creates fine lines. Trim the bristles using scissors for a thick brush.

Lovely Lavender

This inducing design is likable as inspired by the pastoral and bucolic landscapes. Put this design on top of your mind.

Funky Fruits

Flowers and fruits collide with this mod aesthetic and funky nail design of the 1970s. This is fuelled as inspired by print. The color scheme may get dull although it’s very colorful. Mix in brown in each color like yellow, blue, and pink. Adjust the brown type and the amount with every color not killing the original hue’s vibrancy.

Glitter Tips

Glitter tips are one simple nail designs for short nails that add a unique sparkle. Add some glitter through those tips making the short nails occur longer. Extend your manicure’s life when it begins to chip. Layer the glitter polish underneath the chunkier choice. This will add extra sparkle and dimension. There’s no worry about being precise upon using this glitter polish. The best thing about the glitter polishes is they are easier when applied as compared to the regular ones. There’s no need to put polish on a perfect and smooth nail that it somehow still looks good.

Now, you’ve got the simple nail designs for short nails as mentioned. You could try one after another and be impressed by the results after! You also can find more amazing and easy nail art for short nails

As the best alternative way to make easy nail art, short press-on nails with 100% non-toxic adhesive tab will be the best solution that you can stick your smileys on. These can come in different designs like stars, flowers, and smiley faces. You also can cusomize salon quality handmade nails and never worry because everything can be made perfect. It will come out as cute whatever happens.

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