Are Press On Nails Safe?

are press on nails safe

Are Press On Nails Safe?

Are press on nails safe? The answer to this question is a yes. Once you apply and remove them correctly, you wouldn’t expect them to bring further damage to natural nails. There’s no need to use a lot of harsh chemicals like dehydrators, acetone, and primers during the removal or application process. Especially when you use nail adhesive tab, it really much easier to apply and remove. 

Many nail experts would suggest the use of press-on nails to replace manicure systems because they enable healing on your nails. They are also actually better than manicure systems like gel extensions and acrylic nails.

Understand that press-on nails would need a little amount of adhesive or glue when applying. Plus, you may use a combination of soap, warm water, and oil that removes them safely.

Are Press On Nails Safe During Pregnancy Use?

Are press on nails safe during pregnancy use? Press on nails promises safety during and after pregnancy use. You only have to be conscious of the brands to choose where you can share your values. These were practically created considering moms. Since you need to be conscious of the products to use, and apply to your nails and skin, no way that press- on nails would compromise things. It’s better if you know the kind of ingredients that you use in the final products like in the nails, adhesive tabs, nail glue, and the packaging like the box and nail tray.

It’s better off if the press on nails is certified to be cruelty-free. Meaning to say, no ingredients were derived from animals formulating these products. These artificial nails must be made for you to look good and feel good.

Apart from the usual nail glue, better to wear a 100% non-toxic adhesive tab that can be easy to apply and remove. Wear them while you are pregnant and while you go on breastfeeding. But then, remove them before you go inside the labor room since your midwife or doctor will approve if you have clean nails. This is true if you’ve got C-section that is booked early on.

Tips in Making Press On Nails Safe When Used for Your Nails

Below are the tips that you must follow so that press-on nails will be safe when used for your nails.

1. Make Use of Adhesive or Mild Nail Glue

When you utilize strong glue, it might bring damage to nail plates. This is true particularly in removing them. The thing is that adhesives utilized by the most press-on nail brands are manufactured using ingredients that can be gentle on natural nails.  

The recent is that some press-on nail brands have no built-in type of adhesive. Somehow, you must use nail glue and other nail glue brands that can be strong. It’s suggested to use very mild nail tabs, wherein they would come off smoothly with no damage to your nails.

Nonetheless, there’s an issue with how gentler adhesive can be. It can become weaker that press-on nails would pop off quickly. But just utilize a strong glue to safeguard your nails as you apply a foundation coat. Then, you can apply press-on nails and follow an even gentler method when removing them.

2. Utilize Base Coat When You Apply

Safeguard your nails with press-on nails as you apply a base coat through your nails. This will need to be done before you apply on press-on nails. The base coat will work as the buffer shielding natural nails against potential damages that might occur upon removing or applying press-on nails. If there’s no base coat, use a brand of any nail polish.

3. Take Press on Nail Out Correctly

Avoid further damage to your nails by taking press-on nail out correctly. This is specifically true if you will be using acetone in excess. This might leave your nails dried out completely turning them out to be very brittle. Soak on your press-on nails in a combination of soap, warm water, and oil for fifteen to twenty minutes. This is needed before you manually take them off. There’s a guide to follow as well when checking out the article on the safe removal of press on nails.

4. Clean and Disinfect Nails Before You Apply Them

Germs and dirt trapped under the press on nails can result in infection. This is why it is necessary that you completely clean your nails before you apply press-on nails. It’s way better to wash your nails with water and soap. Once you achieve drying your nails, wiping them is the next thing to be. Use some rubbing alcohol that best disinfects them.

Few Tips to Safeguard Your Nails From Nail Glue

Are glue on nails safe to use? Just remember that nail glue has harsh chemicals that can bring damage to your nails. That’s why it’s suggested by nail technicians to save some fabulous fakes. This is true considering special occasions. If you like it wearing fakes, things must be kept in mind safeguarding your nails against nail glue and possible damaging effects.

  • Use only the right quantity of nail glue same as the little glass bead’ size
  • Never let your press-on nails stay ripped off or else, natural nails in their few layers would rip off with a fake nail.
  • Let your fingers soak completely in warm water. Use some cuticle oil so the nail would lift and push for press-on nails to go off completely
  • After completing the application of press-on nails, use some cuticle oil throughout your nail, thus removing excess glue. After that, wash your hands right away so they will not seep underneath your nail.
  • Remove as you soften glue using cuticle oil. This will enable you the removal of glue without the removal of your nails. If you want, you may try on glue tabs that can be useful for special occasions. These will help you re-use your press-on nails as you take them off properly.

Now you have clear understanding about are press on nails safe and you’ve learned how the press on nails can be safe to use even if you’re pregnant. You also have tips on how to safeguard your nails from glue!

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