How to Make Press On Nails Last?

Have you got excited about using press-on nails? After you’ve got them, the question is, “how to make press on nails last?” They are affordable, fashionable, and simple to use. That’s why many have been engaged in DIY projects using press on-nails. They can help you minimize nail care expenses. Those who have completely relied on press-on nails don’t like it anymore visiting a salon for pedicures and manicures for months. Just with the right application of glitzy polish, you’ll think of them as quite a fortune. You’ll easily get used to using them.

Nonetheless, a lot of women would think about the application and its longevity. While these forms of nails are regarded as cheap, you won’t have worries even if they come off. They could last for 2 weeks until a month and it relies mainly on the type of work that you do and the growth rate of your nails.

Here’s the catch, we have here a list of ways how to make press on nails last longer.

Tips For How to Make Press On Nails Last

Tips #1 Avoid Water Contact

Get excited as always with the press on nails by avoiding getting in contact with water. This is true even before you apply it or after. Remember that nails would absorb plus it would expand. Thus, it moves the press position on making it less safe once the nail dries up completely.

When you’re done applying the set, you must wait an hour before you wash your hands or apply hydrating or lotion products. This is as explained by a nail professional. This is part of a tender love and care tips to keep in mind. Give time for the glue to sets in and stick with your nails completely. Avoid nail exposure so things would not weaken your nail glue. This might include swimming, harsh detergents, and hot baths.

Tips #2 Clean Your Nails

Wipe your nails using an alcohol pad, and clean them as they become dehydrated. This way, the nail glue would stick to them. Doing so removes oil or debris before beginning the application. But always prepare your nail tips. It will help as well if you wipe the back of the tip of your press-on nails using acetone to achieve a lasting effect. This is the basic step for how to make press on nails last.

Tips #3 Use Lots of Glue or High Quality Adhesive Tab

It’s the simplest that is the best and most helpful one. Use lots of glue so the press-on nails would last longer. It will demand careful preparation to completely and evenly apply glue. Apply glue in a thin coat throughout your nails. Don’t forget the topmost part of the press-on nails that best improve the hold. Let the glue sits in after you waited for thirty seconds. And then, gently apply the pressure throughout the press-on nails. That would promise such an impressive and excellent seal. But sometimes it may takes 1~3 hours to remove it and damage to your nails.

The use of nail glue is known to cause damage to the original nail, and it is difficult to remove. Then a good choice is to use adhesive tab. If you choose good quality adhesive tab for press on nails and applying it correctly (how to use press on nails with adhesive tab) is very important for how to make press on nails last longer, fake nails can last up to two weeks. The most important is no damage to natural nails and easier removal.

Tips #4 Use the Proper Size of Your Nail

It’s not equal to all of the foundation colors, thus press-on are not regarded as a one-size-fits all. They would appear natural but are not likely for them to last. This is true if they do not fit well properly. So, keep a few things in mind when you choose your nail size. 

This will also highlight the nail shape, nail length, and nail bed. The rule to follow is to select a size that is smaller by half a millimeter than the cuticle. This is to best achieve the long-lasting and most natural look. There may have been choices in different shapes like squoval and oval. Still, some specific shapes are suitable for specific people. The round shape of the nail could fake length on the shorter fingers.

Tips #5 Avoid Oil

The same thing you must avoid is oil as it only weakens the glue as it bonds to your nails. So, avoid cuticle oils and heavy creams while you wear press-on nails. This is when you need to use lotions or moisturizers. So, it’s best to move away from them to get in contact with your nails. This can also maintain the glue as it also weakens too immediately.

Tips #6 Be Gentle

If you want your press on nails to last longer, it’s not always about the preparation and application. If you want squared options, oval nails, and stiletto nails, you must give them the proper treatment and care. Avoid engaging in strenuous activities like opening up the package or box with your nails. Move away from the excessive heat and moisture for a long time. Avoid it swimming and just spend your time with it for a short time. It is okay if you soak in a spa but still, leave your nails out of a tub. This will help avoid your nails from getting damaged against hydration and heat.

Tips #7 Wear Some Dishwashing Gloves

When you water your hands consistently, it may just damage your nail set. The same is also true when it comes to press-on nails. It feels suck if you still need to get back to a nail salon just so you could fix it.

Tips #8 Shape Those Nails Accordingly

It’s good to look stylish and glamorous with your long nails. But then, their life would quickly diminish upon wearing them. Just remember that long nails would get caught in the various objects. That’s when it could bring in so much pain navigating everyday movements. It’s okay if you achieve some little length. But then, if you go for nails longer, it’s when your nails might tend to lose them.

Enjoy wearing your press-on nails as they last but avoid using them to open jars, open cans, and many more. Use them like this and wait until they cause breakage after. It might then weaken the hold of the glue after. It’s still press-on nails that are an excellent option to consider. Don’t hesitate further to use the following tricks and tips suggested.

But the emphasis is more on preparation. Decide what you prefer for the nail treatment. Would you like a home manicure or nail did at a salon?

So, keep these essential tips listed on how to make press on nails last!

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