How to Remove Nail Glue from Nails?

Fake nails can bring so much fun and excitement. The only issue that can come with it is it can be painful when removed. Good thing, we have something to share with you on how to remove nail glue from nails. So, continue reading!

How to Remove Nail Glue from Nails

1. How to Remove Nail Glue From Nails with Buffing the Nails Down

How to remove nail glue from nails with buffing the nails down correctly? It’s not needed to soak your fake nails first to remove them. It is way better to use a fingernail buffer that polishes down the nails. That is, when they begin to reach a week or two weeks old. But if you don’t like it soaking them in nail polish remover or acetone, you could try this method of loosening the glue first and removing them after. 

Prepare several things first like disposable bowel, nail buffer, cotton balls, cuticle cream and cuticle stick, and fingernail file. Remove your nail polish as you begin with this method. The next thing would be to apply a polish to your cotton balls and your acrylic nails. Wait until you have removed them completely.

Afterward, grab some fingernail clippers to clip on those nails. Wait until they become a tad longer as compared to the natural nails. Grab some nail files so you file your nails down through the top and the edges. File your nails and wait until the nail layer gets thinner. Use the nail file or coarsest file to complete this step. 

Afterward, remove the rest of the glue using the file and the finer side. Be very careful when you do this step since you won’t agree it filing your nail accidentally. And if you think the glue is too hard to even after filing it down, allow your fingernails to remain in soapy water. This can go for about fifteen minutes and be sure it loosens up. Do the step again if needed.

After you get your hands dried off completely, take some nail buffer and continue going over the top of the nail. Smooth your nail out also even your nail bed. They could get rough but just don’t fret. It’s during this state that they can get frail. They may require some time for recovery. 

The last thing to consider is to apply some cuticle oil to your nails. Do it until the top of the cuticles is rubbed on completely. Don’t forget as well the nail bed and its edges. 

2. How To Remove Nail Glue From Nails with Goo Gone

You can learn how to get nail glue off nails without removing nails with the use of Goo Gone. This adhesive remover is made up of orange oil which is free from alcohol and does not irritate the skin. It is safe when applied to the skin. You will need a few things to prepare like the cuticle stick, Goo-Gone, nail buffer, fingernail clipper, cuticle cream, cotton balls, fingernail file, and cuticle oil. 

Firstly, clip-on those gel nails with a fingernail clipper that trims them up next to your natural nails. Secondly, apply the Goo Gone to your cuticle stick. Grab some cotton balls and cut them into four equal pieces. Wrap each of these pieces in the flat end of the cuticle tool. Then, dip the stick in the product until you see the cotton ball has all the solution. Remove it after it’s done. 

Soak the cotton ball and put it onto your nail bed. Hold every finger for thirty to forty seconds. This solution will loosen up the nail glue until it spread through the nail bed. Move the cotton backward and forward. Continue until you see and notice the gel nail is removed with this method. 

Remove the rest of the residue or adhesive with fingernail buffer. But if the residue is harder when removed, apply the Goo-Gone again. Do the same procedure again. 

Wipe off the product using your hands. Massage cuticle oil in a few drops onto the nails. This is one of the way how to remove nail glue from nails.

3. How To Remove Nail Glue From Nails with Kitchen Towel or Cloth

Use some kitchen towel or clean cloth when you remove the dissolved residue of your false nails. Apply pressure while you clean off your nails. But then, stop it when you clean if your nails start to become sensitive or it get hurt. But if you could not remove those fake nails, just replace the foil and the acetone cotton.

4. How To Remove Nail Glue From Nails with Petroleum Jelly

Use petroleum jelly for how to remove nail glue from nails. This is a good method that requires soap, water, and petroleum jelly. Never let a few minutes pass with the glue still on your nails. Or else, it could be harder to remove it. Grab some bowl and put some lukewarm water in it. But be sure it’s not that extremely hot. And add soap to it as you combine it well.
Next is to apply petroleum jelly throughout your hands. Pay attention to other affected areas. Place your hands in a bowl and allow them to stay there for fifteen to thirty minutes. Wait until you see the glue starts to dissolve.

If there’s no petroleum jelly available at home, choose a lotion. Once the glue begins to dissolve, the residue will peel off eventually so you wash now your hands. In this case, don’t forget it applying moisturizer to your hands after you’re done with this technique.

5. How To Remove Nail Glue From Nails Using Some Detergent

If there’s no nail polish remover or if you believe you have extremely sensitive skin, this detergent method is good for you. Allow the glue to dry off completely and take it off after. Once it gets dry off completely, peel it off right away. Don’t wait until it comes off completely. Gently scrape the nail flue with your fingers. Grab some bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. Add some detergent to the water and soak your hands. Remove the nail glue through the bowl.

Rub your hands after you take them out of the bowl. Peel off the nail glue and soak it again. Follow the same procedure until you see the glue is not visible anymore. Do not roughly rub your hands or else your skin will become irritated. 

While the application of fake nails is a good and fun process, how to remove acrylic nails is still an equally daunting process. So, be extra careful when you work with glue. How to remove nail glue from nails will require using these techniques. Be gentle with your nails and remove the nail glue! If you do want to reuse press-on nails and keep nails safe, adhesive tab will be the better solution. It’s much easier to remove from natural nails and press on nails.

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